Some of the finest works in a field fall through the cracks and are missed. Until Felix Mendelssohn rediscovered an
obscure composer, Johan Sebastian Bach was all but forgotten. Great works like
Principia Discordia were not
forgotten but were not known--until someone else publicized them years later.

Voices of Chaos needs to be pulled out of the cracks and displayed for what it is now. This is perhaps the first work
not to trace the roots of Discordianism, but to expose the branches that sprung from Eris' original golden apple tree.
Timothy Bowen interviews modern day Discordians and other deliciously nutty fruitcakes.

Bowen's interviews begin with Adam Gorightly, the self-admitted crackpot historian behind
The Prankster and the
Conspiracy: The Story of Kerry Thornley and How He Met Oswald and Inspired the Counterculture
. This could have
been called How Kerry Thornley and Friends Discovered Eris and What She Did To Them When She Found Them.
Gorightly is a weird cross of legitimate and gonzo journalist who digs through Kennedy assassination conspiracies,
madness, pedophilia, and Charles Manson.

It's hard to mention both Discordia and pedophilia without naming the second interviewee. Quite possibly the world's
most controversial Discordian, this is the thorny apple Reverend Loveshade. His
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The
Tales of Shamlicht
challenges cultural, sexual, and social norms to a degree that got him and his group both
investigated by the FBI and CIA and threatened with lawsuits and death.

But what could be more deadly to normalcy than a lawsuit-laden religion and its bible
Book of the SubGenius? The
co-discovered of the smiling Caucasian pipe-smoking God "Bob" is Rev. Ivang Stang. The church is not an offshoot
of Discordianism at all, but must have sprung from the same fructuously fractious soil. Stang's experiences could be
expressed as "pretend to be crazy and the real crazies will follow."

Discordian writings might have been buried in the 20th century if not for the excavation of such people as Rev.
DrJon Swabey. After
Principia Discordia promoter-publisher Steve Jackson abandoned the concept of a sequel,
DrJon produced
Apocrypha Discordia. A brilliant collection of nearly-lost and newly-discovered Discordian works, the
2001 tome stands as Discordia's first published climb into the 21st century.

It's a shame not to address all those interviewed in the book. (Although some are less than stellar--an interview
given entirely in binary code?) But in the interest of length you can see who's listed and well-worth listening to. If you
are curious about Discordianism or in how absurd humor and philosophy can grow together and produce something
amazing, dig in your pocket and buy Bowen's book.
Review for by Johnny Shellburn
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Voices of Chaos complied by Timothy Bowen is just that--interviews with some of
the most prominent people in Discordia, Erisia, and the related.  This is likely the
first Discordian book to focus on Erisians of the 21st century.  And they're quite a

Johnny Shellburn said, "Back in the day, I wrote book reviews and
actually got paid for it.  The only problem was I got told what to read and what to
review.  Here I can review what I want."
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Timothy Bowen's Voices of Chaos features
Interviews with: Adam Gorightly, Reverend
Loveshade,Chaplin IM False, KSC Spratzaman
Rojas, Peter Carroll, The Discordian Society,
LOB, Rev.Dr. Jon Swabey, BOB001, Rev. Ivan
Stang, Rev. St. Syn KSC, JHESFC, and Beatus
Apocrypha Discordia
Book of Eris
Discordian Coloring Book
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia
The Idle Warriors
The Prankster and the
Principia Discordia
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