We had thought about crediting each item to the appropriate source, but decided
against it for two main reasons:

1) Sometimes we got the same information from more than one source, so who
would we credit?

2) Some of the information deals with personal matters about people who are still
living, and some of them want their privacy protected.

Special thanks to our sources and suppliers who included:
Khan Amore, Hakim Bey, Red Bilodeau, Creative Lunatics, Graham Trievel
Fenderson, Bernard M. Goldsmith,
Adam Gorightly, Shirley Heinz, Pope
Kerista, Louise Lacey, Anonymous Lifeform, Sondra London,
Reverend Loveshade, Richard Marshall, Peggy McQuown, Mutante,
Robert Newport, Richard Nixon, Paneris,
Order of the Pineapple, Angela
Schaefermeyer, Gypsie Skripto, Ron Smart,
Rev. Ivan Stang, Rev. DrJon
Swabey, Michael Tension, Terrorists for Truth, Kenn Thomas, Cara
Thornley, Dick Thornley, Sheered Völva, Oren Webster, Binky The
Robert Anton Wilson, and Others Who Did Not Want to Be
Mentioned or Whose Names We Forget.
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