While Kerry Thornley lived to see the Internet and even had an online chat, he
grew up in a time when letters were written by hand or by typewriter.  Kerry usually
used a typewriter.

As these are image scans, some of these files are relatively large, some a little
more than one megabyte.  We have more of his letters to be posted later, but here
are some of our favorites.
This is kerry thornley dot com, a site about kerry wendell thornley aka lord omar khayyam ravenhurst, co-conspirator with gregory hill aka greg hill aka
malaclypse the younger, contributor to principia discordia, worker on operation mindfuck, investigated by im garrison, friend of robert anton wilson and
robert shea, supposed co-assassin of president john f. kennedy, and fnord
Exclusive material
is marked by
Letter from "Rev. Charles Arthur Floyd II" to Rev. David Noebel of Christian
Crusade Publications.  Floyd discusses the dangers of subversion rock music
including the Beatles, Beethoven, Adam Weishaupt, and the Ancient Illuminated
Seers of Bavaria (undated)
Letter to Ron and Doris Smart where Kerry mentions a song he wrote, Jim
Garrison and Clay Shaw; announces Cara's pregnancy; and tells the names they
plan to give the child if it's a boy or a girl (the second page was typed with the
carbon paper backwards). (September 16, 1968)
Letter to Ron Smart and Doris Smart by Kerry and Cara, including asking them to
be foster parents if the Thornley's should pass away (December 21, 1968)
Letter from Mad Malik to the GOP (Republican) National Committee informing them
that their symbol's three upside down five-pointed stars are used to conjure evil
(July 9, 1969)
Letter about his cats, eating "weeds" and wild plants, starting a Survival School,
and writing a children's book. (December 27, 1967)
Letter about living off the land, bed bugs, fire ants (back in 1967!), Valyermo,
Escapade, Incarnations. (December 27, 1967)
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