HILDE: One question about Kerry Thornley.  You said last time you thought he
had a daughter as well as a son, but couldn't remember her name. Do you
remember it now?


HILDE: Do you have any idea who her mother is?

MARSHALL: I know nothing other than he had a daughter. Don't know her age;
don't know anybody's name.

HILDE: I have more about names. Since I spoke with you last time, I learned that
Adam Gorightly reported that the Brunswick Shrine where the revelation of Eris
happened was Friendly Hills Lanes in Whittier, California. But you had said that
Discordianism began in Northern California after a party.

MARSHALL: It's been a long time. I don't remember.

HILDE: Have you remembered your Erisian name?

MARSHALL: You've asked me that every time. You don't give up, do you?


MARSHALL: Well, I'll tell you this much. I never really had an Erisian name as
such. But I did use a different name. Won't say what, so ask something else.

HILDE: Did Greg Hill have a family?

MARSHALL: Everyone has a family.

HILDE: I mean did he have any children? I heard he was married to someone
named Jeanetta.

MARSHALL: Yes. The woman of his life. I guess they were married; they acted like
a married couple. Might have been living together. I didn't go to a wedding. No, I'm
sure they were married. If Thornley would get an actual license so would Hill.

HILDE: What was, or is, Jeanetta like?

MARSHALL: I haven't seen her in years, and never did know her all that well. I
don't even know if she's still alive. But she was the social one of the couple, not a
social butterfly really, but friendly. She could meet someone she'd never met and
talk to you like you'd grown up together. She asked a lot of questions about people
too, always curious, made you feel like she was really interested.

When she left him, it...I don't think Hill was ever the same. He wanted to be a
one-woman man, and she was the woman. I think he spent the rest of his life
hoping someday she'd come back. He'd hardly leave the house after that; just go
to work, come home, go back to work.

HILDE: You said before you didn't know Hill as a child; did you know him in his last

MARSHALL: Sadly, no. We lost touch with each other. People move, lose contact.
He was very into computers and e-mailing, and I still wrote with paper and pencil.
Never could get used to computers. People don't write letters anymore. It's a lost

I'm sorry but I'm getting tired. I hate ending early. I just don't have the energy

HILDE: I understand. Do you mind if I ask you one more question?


HILDE: Last time I asked you for you favorite memory of Kerry Thornley. This time
I'm asking one about
Greg Hill.

MARSHALL: I am tired. One memory?

HILDE: Please. If you can.

MARSHALL: Give me a moment.

HILDE: Of course.
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An Interview with Richard Marshall
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Kerry Thornley's daughter may be
Marion Zabriskie, daughter of
Grace Zabriskie.  Kerry apparently
had either a short or prolonged
affair with Grace, who played Sara
Palmer on the television show
Twin Peaks.  There are several
Discordian connections between
the program, said to be one of the
weirdest and most mind-blowing in
the history of television, and

Adam Gorightly, author of
Prankster and the Conspiracy,
spoke of the possible connection
Voices of Chaos, a series of
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