Kerry Wendell Thornley (Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst) was interviewed a
few times in his life and some of these interviews survive.  In addition, others
were interviewed about Kerry Thornley and other early Discordians including
Malaclypse the Younger aka Greg Hill.

Kerry Thornley

Discordianism co-founder.
According to Robert Anton
Wilson and others,
Thornley was suffering from
mental illness at the time.

Sondra London

Know as the "Queen of the
Serial Killer Groupies," this
controversial woman helped
solve several murders and
knew Thornley.
Sondra London, American true crime author, is known in Discordian circles as Erisian Elestria.  She
wrote or co-wrote
True Vampires, Knockin' on Joe: Voices from Death Row, and The Making of a
Serial Killer: The Real Story of the Gainesville Murders.  She has appeared on Dateline and Larry
King Live, and was an associate producer for
A Current Affair and David Monaghan Productions.
Confession to Conspiracy
Februrary 9, 1992
Confession to Conspiracy
Februrary 10, 1992